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It is extremely difficult to find a way around the variety of hair care products today! How to choose the right and effective product when every jar tempts with a bright label and advertising promises the best result?
For a health scalp, it is important that shampoo does not contain film-forming agents that can interfere with the production of sebum. The scalp should "breathe” after washing. To maintain a healthy look, hair structure and prolong the effect of expensive salon hair care procedures, it is not less important that the shampoo contains no silicones, aggressive foaming agents and preservatives – sulfates and parabens.
PRODIVA home care products are specially created to complement professional salon products. They are ideal for prolonging the result of keratin straightening and hair Botox. They are formulated using natural organic extracts and oils. PRODIVA home care is especially suitable for those whose hair is damaged by negative effects of hard UV radiation, chlorinated or sea water or by frequent use of stylers or chemical exposure to lightening and dyeing agents. PRODIVA home care products are suitable for regular use and are the best alternative to mass market products for those who value the beauty and health of their hair!
The Foundation basic treatments from PRODIVA are suitable for all hair types and perfectly strengthen the hair and nourish the scalp due to the content of elastin, keratin and collagen.
The moisturizing home care shampoo will quickly saturate your scalp and hair. Climbazole in its composition helps to prevent and cure seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. Regular use of the shampoo will also relieve the scalp dryness, burning and itching.
The moisturizing home care mask will make the hair smooth and manageable due to collagen, elastin, wheat proteins, aloe vera juice, keratin and macadamia oil. Hair will undoubtedly have a healthy look and bring joy to its caring owner.
The PRODIVA protein mask is perfect for thin hair - due to the high content of milk and silk proteins, as well as wheat proteins, the mask will strengthen and plump the hair without making it too dense and heavy. Phospholipids from the mask will actively saturate the hair with moisture, making it flexible and strong.
Hair masks have a cumulative effect when used regularly. That is, over time, less volume will be required for one treatment and its frequency can be reduced.
The sun defense spray will protect hair from heat and loss of moisture.
The detox emulsion will strengthen and protect the scalp, gently stimulate hair follicles, which will promote better hair growth and help relieve seborrhea.
PRODIVA products do not contain aggressive surfactants, silicones, sulfates and parabens.