About Us

PRODIVA is a young and rapidly growing company that produces and sells professional hair cosmetic products and teaches to use them correctly. An extensive experience in the sale of professional cosmetics of various brands and awareness of the needs and challenges in the work of beauty professionals and salons helped the team of like-minded people to develop and launch the production of its own line of professional hair cosmetics. Before starting to create in collaboration with our chemists and technologists, we asked professionals what they valued and did not like in the brands they used in their work, what products were not commercially available, but would be interesting for them. After that, we selected the best product characteristics and the best ingredients, removed some significant flaws and launched a minimal line of hair care products.

Since the start of production, the range of products has grown significantly, and now PRODIVA includes a whole line of professional cosmetic products designed to straighten and treat hair, create root volume, which is complemented with home care products. Two scientific laboratories and a staff of highly qualified chemists participated in the creation of professional hair cosmetics under the PRODIVA trademark. A significant advantage of our products is the extensive experience of the chief technologist inspired by the best products of world brands and the desire to make safe and harmless formulas, which greatly influenced the recipe and the choice of raw materials.

PRODIVA products are created taking into account the selection of natural and organic components, as well as long-term tests, thereby we meet all modern trends in the beauty industry. Each formula is safe for the client and the hair specialist, as it is made in accordance with the ISO-9001 international standards, which guarantees that it is free from formaldehydes and sulfates.

PRODIVA products are fully created in Russia from the best natural European and American raw materials.

Formaldehyde and paraben free

PRODIVA adheres to the "Organic" philosophy, therefore it uses natural organic ingredients.

The products meet GOST standards.

PRODIVA develops and manufactures professional formulations for hair care and restoration. Our company aims to produce mainly organic and natural cosmetics with natural organic plant components!

Our goal is to offer quality and affordable products that will enable girls to find and maintain the natural beauty and health of their hair!

"Feel like a Diva!"

PRODIVA is rapidly moving forward, paying attention to requests from the world hairdressing experts, and regularly launches new products and masters new hair care directions. At the same time, the company strictly monitors the stability of product quality and the correct use of its products. To do this, it operates its own product quality center and training centers that certify professional technologists and hair specialists throughout Russia, CIS and other foreign countries.

Today Prodiva does not have any open vacancies.


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130 representatives in 75 regions of Russia and CIS countries. If you are an experienced technologist, the owner of a network of beauty salons or a distributor of professional cosmetics, for each of you, we will select and offer our own version of mutually beneficial cooperation.


Online webinars, master classes, live broadcasts, practical training in the studio.We train the masters to perform the required procedures and work correctly with the compositions. We carry out mandatory qualification of existing technologists. We present new products, invite famous masters and teachers of the beauty industry!

Question 1

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Question 2

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Question 3

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Question 4

Thus they appeared in the windows of visibility. Radio emissions, then, since there are a lot of faint galaxies, and a hypothesis was put forward. It will also be clear the discovery of discrete sources of radio emission. Studies of radio stars, their radio emission, which is strong enough, reaches unhindered.

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