Blue Botox Kit
  • Blue Botox Kit
  • Blue Botox Kit
  • Blue Botox Kit

Blue Botox Kit "Two Shades" (GOODBYE YELLOW 08 + SILVER 10) and Deep Cleansing Shampoo

The kit consists of three products: deep cleansing shampoo and two packs of Botox

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The kit consists of three products: deep cleansing shampoo and two packs of Botox with blue pigments of different intensity: 08 for medium blonde and 10 for intensive blond.



Deeply cleansing sulfate-free shampoo for delicate and gentle removal of excess sebum, styling agents and other impurities, gently and effectively opens the cuticle, preparing hair for further treatments


Botox with blue pigment SILVER for intensive blond or GOODBYE YELLOW for medium blonde. The formulas are specially designed to intensively nourish, smooth and moisturize bleached and blond hair. They contain anti-yellow pigments of different intensity to give a cool shade.

The formula evens out the hair structure, softens, adds shine. It facilitates hair combing and styling.


Nominal volume: 500 ml

Description of ingredients:

Carica Papaya Extract – strengthens, protects the hair structure from ultraviolet, has a high content of vitamins A and C, is a powerful nourishing antioxidant, creates a natural protective barrier;

Mangifera Indica Extract – nourishes, intensively retains moisture, restores the lipid barrier;

Persea Gratissima Extract – helps to retain moisture in the hair, restores structure, has a high content of vitamin E and fatty acids, providing antioxidant, nourishing and protective effects.

Instructions for use:

1. Prepare the hair for the treatment with the PRODIVA Deep Cleansing Shampoo;
2. Dry hair for 90% and apply Prodiva Botox Hair Treatment GOODBYE YELLOW or SILVER, depending on the blond intensity. Apply the formulas starting 1-2 cm from the roots;
3. Leave for 20 minutes;
4. Fry the hair thoroughly;
5. Smooth hair with an iron at t = 210-230 °C, approximately 6-10 times;
6. Rinse off the formulation, apply PRODIVA moisturizing mask;
7. Style the hair

IMPORTANT: Choose the desired shade according to the blond color scale. It is not recommended to use SILVER at a lighter color depth, as the hair may take on a blue or purple tint. The use of GOODBYE YELLOW on a more intensive blond will give the hair an unwanted yellow tint.

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