PRODIVA is natural professional hair cosmetics

Well-groomed hair is healthy and smooth, vibrant and shiny. It feels glossy like silk at touch, looks beautiful and flutters at each movement. Such hair excites general admiration and is an attraction.
But how to achieve such an effect and maintain it for as long as possible without exhausting morning rituals? Even the best products and self-care methods cannot give the effect a hair owner wants to achieve. Thinking of positive transformations or a new style, you often consider a new color or shade or adding volume, you may wish to straighten your hair or, alternatively, to get gorgeous curls. But only an experienced professional will do it safely for your hair, select the right formula to achieve a desired and long-lasting effect. The mass market offers an abundance of products to suit every taste, pocket and imagination, proclaims the easy application and a stable result, but such experiments may have unpleasant implications and effects and ultimately will force you to visit a professional.
Professional hair cosmetics designated for hair professionals and beauty salons are greatly diverse both in terms of price and results. Some products and procedures give a gorgeous appearance but do not care for health and have a quite transient effect.
PRODIVA hair cosmetics is a line of products for professionals developed in Russia by practitioners and leading chemical technologists of the beauty industry. It is designed using the best from leading foreign processional cosmetic brands, with high quality European raw materials, by improving current formulas of other producers, at affordable prices, in accordance with the Organic principle, i.e. with gentle and delicate care of the hair and people who work with the cosmetics. In order to prolong the results of salon procedures, preserve the appearance for a longer time and maintain the hair health, the professional products are supplemented with a home care line that does not replace but completes the professional one.

What makes PRODIVA professional hair cosmetics special?

PRODIVA has a goal – to produce not only effective, but also safe and easy-to-use hair care products. With the current state-of-the-art of the chemical industry, it is quite simple to obtain formulas that would provide a 100% visual effect. Cheap synthetic raw materials can be used in cheap formulas, but these products mostly have a strong unpleasant odor, take much time to perform procedures, are aggressive and harmful not only to the hair health, but for the scalp and lungs as well.
A perfect gloss with a much longer lasting effect can be achieved, but over time the hair becomes brittle and dull, and the restoration of its vibrance and health will be extremely difficult and expensive.
PRODIVA formulas ensure a comprehensive care and have a gentle effect on the hair. The time of procedures is significantly reduced, harmful corrosive vapors are absent or kept to a minimum, natural oils and fragrances are used in the composition. These products are safe both for clients and hair stylists and their effects are more natural, genuine and long-lasting.

PRODIVA philosophy and objectives

We work in a format which is new for the Russian market. Our goal is not just to sell cosmetic products, but to teach how to use them correctly.
We train beauty specialists and technologists to handle our formulas correctly:
- for technologists, we offer full-time immersion in various methods of working with PRODIVA hair cosmetics. We offer to understand the essence of chemical processes that occur with hair during the action of our formulas. We provide case studies from our professionals. According to training results, we carry out certification and attest for further training on behalf of our brand.
- for professionals, we regularly conduct webinars and product presentations, analyze the best practices and challenges that can be solved with PRODIVA professional cosmetics.
- for everyone who cares about the health and beauty of their hair, we invite you to learn more about the possibilities of PRODIVA professional cosmetics and how to properly use home care products to prolong the effect of salon procedures at home and while being on vacation. To do this, we regularly hold presentations of new products and conduct workshops with renowned professionals and technologists. Subscribe to our Instagram and follow the announcements!

How and with whom we collaborate, what we expect from our partners and what we can give

We strive our products to be known to as many people as possible, who would understand their advantages over mass market products. We do not sell our products on marketplaces, but distribute them only through our own dealers, certified technologists, trained and certified professionals. Some products require correct selection and dosage, so they cannot be used at home or by untrained people.

PRODIVA products may be interesting for:

- Private practitioners, who strive to select high-quality and affordable professional cosmetic products providing their clients with high-quality services using safe and effective formulas.
- Professionals, who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in modern cosmetology, learn about innovations in the beauty industry and offer their clients more in-demand services.
- Beauty salons that want to offer customers sought-for care procedures and use cosmetics that give the desired result, reducing the cost and time of the procedure.
You can order the products with delivery throughout Russia. Official dealers are available in almost every city of the Russian Federation and many cities of the CIS. If there is no official dealer in your city, we will supply to you directly from our production site, but in order to buy the professional cosmetics, you should confirm your qualifications as an active beauty practitioner and your hair care skills or, even better, get a training course from our brand technologist.


PRODIVA is a well-known and rapidly growing Russian brand of professional hair cosmetics. The company has its own production site in Russia where it manufactures its products from the best foreign raw materials. We are inspired by the best premium world brands, while striving to manufacture affordable products for the Russian market ensuring a high quality.
The main direction is products for hair restoration and subsequent hair care.

  • Complies with GOST standards

  • Formaldehyde and paraben free

  • Organic cosmetics